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Last 2012, facebook restricted its  organic reach to 16 percent. By 2014 the organic reach has declined to 6%. Bad news is facebook sources are telling community marketing managers to expect it to go to zero for pages. You can read more about the decline of organic reach and test conducted on organic reach Long story short the number of poeple who can see your page post organically is less than 2%. When i say people i pertain to the number of users who liked your page or are your fans. Bad news is faceook sources are telling community marketing managers to expect it to go to 0 or zero for Pages. For Family and friends facebook has prioritized this connection. Meaning you will be seing more post from family and friends. No value was given but you can read all about it here. Facebook is prioritizing content from fanily and

Digital marketing in the philippines has started long before facebook and twitter. Filipinos have recognized the power and influence that digital marketing has to offer since the arrival of ICQ and other chat rooms. The philippines is an archepalago, thus the more reason why we need mobile internet, android phones, wifi, web development and web developers, offcourse. Digital marketing utilizes electronic devices such as computers, personal computers, smart phones, cell phones, tablets, game consoles and almost anything that has wifi and mobile technology. Digital marketing is most commonly referred as online marketing or internet marketing, in the philippines a few of the popular ones are facebook, twitter,

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