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how to detect or a spot a phishing email, a phishing site or a phishing attack.

There are ways to detect if a site or email  is a phishing attack and my objective is to inform you of these techniques as simple as i can. The process is simple. Hackers will send you an email requiring you to reset your email address, security PIN, password or any security protocol that you have implemented. At the end of the email which tries to convinced you to reset your sensitive information is a link, a button or an image or photo that you are required to click. There are many ways to convince a user to click on that link. It could be a threat, a security advisory, a verification and more.Once you have clicked the link two or more functions may be triggered depending on the attack. Number one an app or malicious software may be installed on your computer which normally are software based key board loggers, key stroke loggers  and key loggers. Another technique is to open a form with a form grabbing based keyboard logger. No installation is required for this instance of key logging.

The main goal of this app or software is to record your keystrokes, your activity, websites you have visited and the software itself will send all that information to the hacker. Now as you enter your username and password or pin the key logger software records these events and emails the result to the hacker. During this time you can expect the worse.

Second the link or button will then open another window to the phishing site. This phishing site is almost identical with the original legitimate company site. This is normally your banks website. Colours, font, design, theme are normally identical which makes unsuspecting users fall in to the trap. After you send the information, or after clicking on send the phishing site now has a record of your sensitive information

Now as you enter your username and password or pin the key loggers software records these events and emails the result to the hacker. During this time you can expect the worse.

A phising site is simply a fake site created to trick you in revealing sensitive information so hackers can access or steal your account. These can be a broad 

i’d like to start this article by defining what a phishing site is and how does a phishing site perform the hack on a persons account. What is a phising site? A phishing site is a website that claims to be something else for the purpose of fraud. The phising site is intended to acquire sensitive information from account holders such as username, password, bank account details and PIN.  Once hackers get a hold of your sensitive information they can now perform The word phising came from the actual word fishing. I’d like to describe it as what it is. In analogy,Its like fishing in the ocean using a bait and a hook. In some cases it could be or you could be target. This is called Spear Phising. I’ll discuss this later on.

So how do hackers fish or phish for information? Well This is being done by the use of a phishing email which serves as the hook to the phishing expedition. The email will contain attachments, links, images with compelling information for you to click on it. Thats the bait. Once you click on it it can download and install something or take you to a phising site that will is a copy of the real or legitimate business.

 this means that its not an exact science or a full proof plan. from the word to fish or to try means users have the chance to avoid for detect phising site. the procedure is



the internet describes PHISING as the act of o trying to obtain financial or other confidential information from Internet users, typically by sending an email that looks as if it is from a legitimate organization, usually a financial institution, but contains a link to a fake website that replicates the real one.