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Cyber Security

How to spot a phishing email with the help of gmail?   I my self have been receiving a lot of emails from a lot of people i don't know claiming to be someone from somewhere, offering a reward ,normally a very large sum of money, from a well known respectable institution in exchange of my personal information and sometimes money. Lets stop there, because that someone that you don't know who is offering you a large amount of money in exchange of your full name, birthday and other personal data is simply after your identity. In this blog i will try to help identify a phising attack or a phising email.  Now i have here a sample email sent to me with the title “ FBI Warnings: Contact FedEx For The Collection Of Your ATM CARD.” . The header or heading says its from the FBI, the specific division

how to detect or a spot a phishing email, a phishing site or a phishing attack. There are ways to detect if a site or email  is a phishing attack and my objective is to inform you of these techniques as simple as i can. The process is simple. Hackers will send you an email requiring you to reset your email address, security PIN, password or any security protocol that you have implemented. At the end of the email which tries to convinced you to reset your sensitive information is a link, a button or an image or photo that